For Girls (Ages 13 and upward)

Pamper Packages for Teenagers

Lil Makeover Pamper Package

R 1000 (Click to view)

Our Lil Makeover Pamper Package includes the following for R1000 for a maximum of 5 girls. R200 per hour thereafter the 2 hours
Why not treat the Girls to their very own Pamper Make-Over Party for young ladies 13-18 year old. Invite 5 or more friends to your HOME & have a make-over pampering which includes:
– 2 hours of pure “glamouring”
– Kiddies champers on arrival (non-alcoholic)
– A relaxing hand massage and mini manicure
– Hairstyle moisturizing
– Age appropriate makeup and perfume
teenage pampering johannesburg

Mini Timeout Pamper Package

R 2500 (Click to view)

Our Mini Timeout Pamper Package includes the following for R2500 for 10 girls. R150 per guest thereafter.
Do Pamper Parties Need An Occasion? Nope… All You Need Is Your Best Friends & Mini Timeout Pampering includes:
– A Glass of REFRESHING fruity drinks on arrival
– Moisturising Facials with Cucumber
– Scented hand soaks
– Manicure with a Relaxing hand massage
– GLAM make-up session

Mom & Daughter Pamper Package

R 300 per Mom + Child (Click to view)

Our Mom & Daughter Pamper Package includes the following for only R 300 per Mom & Child:
Minimum 5 pairs
Maximum 10 pairs
– Moisturizing facial masks with cucumber
– Manicure or Pedicure with massage
– A make up session
– Hair moisturizing and styling
– A FREE pamper gift pack for the Birthday Girl.

This is an all round pamper package in which the moms are involved too. Additional hostesses stationed specifically to handle everything else (snacks, refreshments, etc).

Themed Parties are also available!

Custom requests are also welcome!

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